Experience the Difference

Inside & Out Detail.....$169

Full-Size SUV, Add $20

   Machine Applied Carnuba Wax

   Dress Interior Trim & Dashboard

   Vents, Crevices are blown-out with      

   Compressed Air

   Armor-All Tires

   Exterior Chrome Trim Cleaned

   and Polished

   Wheels & Tires Cleaned

   Shampoo Mats, Carpets, Upholstery

   Trunk, Hood & Door Jams Cleaned       

   Vacuum Trunk


Key West Complete.....$219

Full-Size SUV, Add $20

   Paint Restoration (High-Speed

   Polish & Clean)

   Machine Applied Hi-Tech Wax

   Clean & Polish Exterior Chrome Trim

   Trunk, Hood & Trunk Jams Cleaned

   Wheels and Tires Cleaned

   Armor-All Tires & Exterior Trim

   Shampoo Carpets, Mats, Upholstery

   Blow-out all Cracks & Crevices

   Q-Tip Cleaning

   Clean All Interior Vinyl & Leather 

   Vacuum & Shampoo Trunk

   Clean & Dress Engine


Exterior Detail............$99

Full-Size SUV, Add $20

   Machine Applied Carnuba Wax

   Armor-All Tires

   Exterior Chrome Trim Cleaned

   & Polished

   Paint Restoration (High-Speed Polish  

   & Clean)

   Wheels & Tires Cleaned

   Trunk, Hood & Door Jams Cleaned


Interior Detail.............$99

Full-Size SUV, Add $20

   Vents & Crevices Blown-out with

   Compressed Air

   Clean & Condition All Interior Vinyl

   & Leather with Meguiar's Vinyl or

   Lexol Leather Protectant

   Shampoo Carpets, Mats, Upholstery

   Vacuum Trunk

A la Carte Services

Includes Vacuum, Windows Cleaned and Armour-All Tires

   Hand Wash Cars...$35

   Hand Wash Trucks... $50

   Engine Cleaned & Dressed...$40

   Custom Wheel Cleaning...$20


   The Following as Per Quote:

   Tar & Grease Removal

   Interior Odor Remover

   Removal of Minor Scratches, Swirls

   & Imperfections

   Convertible & Vinyl Tops Cleaned

   Zaino Show Car Polish & Protectant


Professional Detailing

By Appointment.
Call: 847-888-8486